Glenferness was bought by the Earl of Leven & Melville in 1869 as a sporting estate. The family’s extensive history can be traced back to 1641 and is one of Scotland’s oldest titles. Currently the estate is lived on and managed by Lady Balgonie and her son Alexander The 15th Earl of Leven & Melville. Both will be on hand and happy to help out in any way possible to ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

Historically there were 26 miles of paths in the vicinity of Glenferness House. The forestry at Glenferness has always been a big part of the estate and thanks to previous generations we have some very impressive woodland. To note as you come down our drive through mature caledonian pine, just short of the house you will spot a stand-alone Wellingtonia Redwood that stands at over 160 ft tall and towers over everything else around it, quite a sight!

Here on Glenferness we are passionate about preserving the beauty of the estate; using modern conservation methods, professionally managing deer population, managing existing woodland, clearing up wind blown and damaged trees to feed our Biomass heating system and going forward with new planting schemes to provide income for the estate whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

As you walk the grounds of Glenferness it will open your eyes to the centuries of skilled land management. From the beautifully designed walled garden to the professionally managed woodland. It is clear those that live and work on the estate share a passion and love for the outdoors.